General questions

What exactly is the InnovationPilot?

Trough the InnovationPilot we would like to generate new ideas and implement them with you. 
Here you have the possibility to share your experiences, wishes and ideas to create a new basis for innovative products.

Apart from that you can comment on other suggestions for questioning, deepening and improving them. 

How can I participate in the “InnovationPilot” Innovation Community?

On the start page you will find different projects. You can participate in as many as you wish. Click on the projects that interest you. Every project has a description of the theme and a project prompt. There you can type your suggestion in the appropriate field, upload an image or a file, and submit. Usually your suggestion is then made visible to everybody immediately. You should also check out the other submitted suggestions and add your comments to further develop their ideas!

Is my personal information secure? 

Protecting your personal information is our highest priority. All information and data you provide on the platform and in the registration process are covered under the prevailing privacy protection terms.
To find more information about privacy protection, click here.

What do the hearts and stars next to the suggestions mean? 

By giving a heart or a star you show your support for your favorite suggestions. 
Giving a star is a way to positively rate other users’ suggestions. Basically you are “liking” it.  
Give a star in the voting phase to help your favorite suggestions win. Each participant is given a certain number of stars to give out to her or his favorite suggestions. For every star a suggestion receives it moves up in the ranking and its author earns points.

What happens to identical or similar suggestions?

Suggestions that are similar enough will be combined. That means: if you post a suggestion that is similar to an already existing suggestion, then your suggestion will be added to the previous suggestion as an “improvement suggestion.”

Procedural questions

What constitutes an Innovation Project? 

Projects can be broken up into various phases. On the right side of the project page you will find an overview of the project’s progression; the active phases will be listed at the top where a user can click on them directly. 

What does participation look like? 

There are various ways to participate. You can: 

  • submit images or suggestions in text
  • write comments
  • give out “likes” (hearts)
  • give out points (stars)
  • answer surveys

How do I find out if there have been any updates? 

On the right side of the project page you will find the project blog. Here you can get an overview of the most current happenings. Additionally you will be alerted via email whenever there is news.


Are there rules that I should be aware of? 

In order to encourage a constructive discussion about the project, we ask that you keep in mind a few general Community Rules when communicating with other participants: 

  • Friendliness: That means no insults, abusive language, or hostilities. The opinions and views of others must be respected for successful collaboration. 
  • Constructive Criticism: By all means, share your opinions. But please always phrase them as constructive criticisms that will positively enhance and develop ideas. 
  • Topic-Specific Suggestions: Stay on topic! Every phase of a project deals with a very specific prompt. In order to find an answer together, we must all be on the same page. 
  • Sensible Comments: Your comments should develop a suggestion or enrich the content. We will reach the best possible results when our thoughts and ideas grow together. 
  • Respect: We love to take on other people’s ideas and develop them further. But please be mindful not to copy someone else’s ideas. Add new and unique suggestions that contain your own brand of creativity. 
  • Images: Do not upload images that are copyrighted or that would infringe on the rights of a third party. 

Technical Questions

How can I opt out of email notifications? 

As a platform user we will automatically inform you about specific events. If you do not wish to receive email notifications, you can deactivate this setting at any time by going to your profile and selecting the option under “Notifications.”

What appears on my wall? 

On your wall you will see updates about all your projects. Contrary to many walls in other social networks, this wall is not public. 

How can I change my profile? 

You can easily make changes to your profile by selecting the editing link directly below your current profile picture.